Agricultural Training and Information Opportunities

Agricultural Training and Information Opportunities


Upcoming Events
As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, please connect with organizers of the events below to check their status.
Risk Management Training: Roots to Success Farmer Workshops:
January 26 & 29, online
February 8 & 11, online 
2021 Alberta Nutrient Management Seminar Series
February 1, Soil Salinity: Causes to Cures?
February 8, Combatting Compaction, Soil Acidification
February 16, Realistic Regenerative Nutrient Management, State of the Fertilizer Industry
February 22, Enhancement of Manure Composting by Biochar, Feedlot Manure Composting
March 1, Phosphorus Filter, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation 
Choosing the Right Cattle for Your Climate & Management System - February 2
Good Manufacturing Practices Workshop for the Natural Health Products Sector - February 4, February 11, February 18, February 25
Alberta Online Workshop Series: Culinary Tourism
February 9, Growing Agritourism
February 16, Partnering for Success 
AgSafe Alberta Speaker Series
February 9, Safety is Everyone's Responsibility
March 9, Being Right or Being Regulated 
Working Well Virtual Workshops
February 11, Smoky Lake County
February 17, Rocky View County
February 23, County of Vermilion River
March 2, Red Deer County
March 4, MD of Pincher Creek
March 11, County of Grande Prairie
March 18, County of Wetaskiwin and Leduc County
March 23, Sturgeon County
March 25, Westlock County and Thorhild County 
Getting into Retail Virtual Webinar Series
February 17, Food and Retail Landscape
February 24, Thinking Strategically about Getting into Retail
March 10, Connecting with Retail Food Buyers and Business Development Advisors 
February 17, Fine tuning your Vitamin and Mineral Program
March 24, Seeding Down Forage Stands: Get off on the right foot
May 14, Annual Grazing for Sheep
July 7, Feeding Replacement and Late Gestation Ewes 
Beef Cattle Research Council 2020-21 Webinar Series
February 17, Breeding Goals: Practical Genetics for Beef Production
March 24, Record Keeping for Forage and Grassland Management 
Alberta Oat Growers Commission Annual General Meeting - April 8, tbd

Working Well Workshops

Just like the popular in-person workshops, these FREE, live, online workshops are hosted by local municipalities and presented by the Working Well Program with technical expertise provided by staff from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Health Services and local, licensed water well drillers. All workshops start at 6:30 PM. If you live in or own property in one of these municipalities and have a water well on your property, register for a workshop today. 

View the Working Well Workshop Schedule and Access the Zoom Meeting Links

Learn more about Working Well and get resources for well owners at:

Learn more about the Working Well Program