Invasive Weeds Along the Milk River

 Watch for Invasive Weeds Along the Milk River 

In 2011 and 2012, the County of Warner was able to receive funding through the Alberta Stewardship Network – Watershed Stewardship Grant to produce and provide Invasive Weeds education and awareness signs. These signs were installed within access points along the river, the signs address the concern of the spread of invasive weeds throughout the watershed, and create a learning opportunity for watershed residents, and visitors along the Milk River. 

A total of nine signs were designed with invasive weeds awareness and educational information, including images showing INVASIVE PLANT SPECIES and indicating that if you notice any of these plants, please note the location and contact the County of Warner Ag Service Board at 403-642-2255.

Every year, access locations along the Milk River are used to drop off people and equipment to float down the river.  Your assistance with controlling and maybe even eradicating these INVASIVE PLANT SPECIES will benefit everyone and stop the spread of invasive weeds into the grazing reserves.  These weeds can spread rapidly, encroach on pastures and threaten wildlife habitat.

The County partnered with the Milk River Ranchers Group, Cardston County, the Town of Milk River, Goldsprings Park, Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, the Milk River Watershed Council Canada and numerous landowners to make this happen.  We appreciated the work of Bonnie Hofer for the design and layout of “invasive weeds”.  Thanks also to Jenna Curtis, Watershed Grant Coordinator of the Lands Stewardship Centre Canada for advice and encouragement with our project.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this project happen! 

The Ag Service Board wants to thank everyone involved for their support in making this project happen and to remind everyone to keep an eye out for these new Invasive Weed Education & Awareness signs along the Milk River!

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Invasive Weeds Along the Milk River Sign 1

Invasive Weeds Along the Milk River Sign 2