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Mapping Your Land

There are many services which can help you map your land, these services can be very useful to help you complete your Environmental Farm Plan.

GeoDiscover Alberta

This mapping service allows you to view satellite imagery and topography of your property, you can overlay the Alberta Township System, Land ownership boundaries, hydrography, statistics, wetlands, abandoned wells, as well as sand and gravel deposits. The tool is useful while completing your Environmental Farm Plan, or if you are creating maps of your business for management plans.

Use the GeoDiscover Map Viewer


Spin2 is a mapping service which shows you the property boundaries, and allows you to obtain the land titles for any parcel in the province. There is a charge per title, and after paying the fee a copy of the title is sent to the email address registered to the account. The land titles shows property ownership, and the cost paid for the parcel.

Access Spin2

Alberta Water Licence Viewer

The Water Licence Viewer allows you to search and view; 1) Licence and registration documents held by Alberta Environment and Parks, and 2) Summaries of licences and registrations that can be used to access documents.

Generally, this service allows you to search using the map function to identify the presence of existing water licences, and obtain documents pertaining to the owner of the licence and general stipulations of the licence.

To Access the Alberta Water Licence Viewer

Alberta Water Well Viewer

The Alberta Water Well Viewer is an online mapping service which shows the locations of water wells and allows you to access the drilling reports of those wells. You can enter a legal land description, which allows you to view the wells within the surrounding area. 

Access the Alberta Water Well Viewer

The Atlas of Canada - Toporama

Toporama is an online mapping service which allows you to view the topography of land in your area.

Access Toporama

Geospatial Centre of Excellence (GENESIS)

GENeric Enterprise Spatial Information Services (GENESIS) is the Government of Alberta’s enterprise geospatial-service technology platform. Through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, GENESIS is used to host GIS web and geodatabase services for our government partners using a highly customized and robust implementation of ESRI ArcGIS for Server and ArcSDE enterprise geodatabase technologies. These services can be leveraged to geospatially enable business applications, to present geospatial data in the form of interactive maps, or to securely stream geospatial data directly to or from other applications over the internet.