Rental of the Great Plains Drills

Rental of the Great Plains No-Till Drill

Rental of the No-Till Drill is for use within the County of Warner only. 

End-Wheel, No-Till Drill, 1205NT

You can be added to the Great Plains No-Till Drill wait-list by contacting the Ag Service Board at (403)-642-2255. Demand for use of the drills is high in the spring and fall, we recommend you contact us early to ensure that you are able to use the drills for your seeding project. You may be required to complete a Hold Harmless Agreement, and to submit a damage deposit prior to rental of the equipment.

View the Great Plains No-Till Drill Operator Manual Using This Link

The video below, is for the calibration of the 1206NT drill, which is a newer generation model of the 1205NT, this video is only to introduce you to the use of the drill and should not be relied upon for field use. The County of Warner Ag. Service Board staff will calibrate the drill upon its delivery to your field.