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Water Cooperatives

This information is provided as a convenience to County residents.  The information may change at any time, and if we have not been notified by the Association, it may not be correct.
Milk River East Water Users (last updated November 2011)
President:  Paul Blust
403-647-2499 Cell:  403-647-2482
Secretary: Gail  
Box 722, Milk River, AB  T0K 1M0
Line Locates:  Paul Blust - above

North Milk River Water Coop (last updated November 2011)
President: Floyd Cody
Secretary:  Ted Swanson
Box 628, Milk River, AB  T0K 1M0
Line Locates: 403-647-2142
Alternate Phone:  403-647-2145
New Dayton Water Users Ltd. (last updated August 23 2021)
(rural area) 
Box 88, New Dayton, AB  T0K 1P0
President:  Ken Greeno
Line Locates:  403-733-3545 (Ken Greeno)

                Cell: 403-642-7627

Alternate:  403-715-4712 (Merlin Huber)

501 Water Coop Ltd.
President:  Ken Miller 403-647-2127
Secretary:  David Cody 403-647-6180
Box 626, Milk River, AB  T0K 1M0
Line Locates:  403-642-7180 (Reed Snow)
Alternate Phone:  403-647-6180
New Dayton Water Users
(Hamlet hookups only)
County of Warner office:  403-642-3635
Ridge Water Services Commission
President: Jason Edwards
Secretary:  Kurtis Pratt
Box 266, Raymond, AB  T0K 2S0
Line Locates:  403-634-6404 (Rick Lowry)
Alternate Line Locates Number:  403-195-5677
Ridge Reservoir Water Association
President:  Keith Thomas 403-642-2143
Vice President:  Cody Cronkhite 403-733-2273
Cell:  403-393-5345
Secretary:  Heather Nelson 403-222-2121
Cell: 403-308-4781
Box 143, Wrentham, AB  T0K 2P0
Line Locates: Keith or Cody above)
Alternate Phone:  Heather:  403-308-4781
Milk River West Water Users (last updated July 2020)
Chairman: Tim VanDenHoek
Secretary:  Barb Hoytos
Box 74, Milk River, AB  T0K 1M0
Phone:  403-421-2918 (Tim)
or 403-421-2190 (John VandenHoek)
Tower Road Water Coop 
c/o Town of Raymond
Box 629, Raymond, AB  T0K 2S0
Raywell Water Coop
c/o Town of Raymond
Box 629, Raymond, AB  T0K 2S0
Stirling West Water Coop
c/o Village of Stirling
Box 360, Stirling, AB  T0K 2E0
Phone:   403-756-3379
Raymond North Water Users
c/o Town of Raymond
Box 629, Raymond, AB  T0K 2S0
Warner West Water Coop Ltd. (last updated September 2014)
President:  Scott Tollestrup
Secretary:  Adena Heppler
Box 434, Warner, AB T0K 2L0
Line Locates: 403-642-2427 (Ed Sloboda)
Alternate:  403-647-2118 (Scott Tollestrup)

Wrentham Water Users Association (last updated August 2018))
Chin Pumping Station
President: Everett Myers
Box 1, Wrentham, AB  T0K 2P0
Line Locates:   403-635-0471 (Everett Myers)
Alternate:  403-308-5150 (Kim Owen)
South East Alberta Water Coop Ltd. (last updated September 2014)
President:  Harold Halvorson
Secretary:  LaDonna Hammel
Box 239, Foremost, AB  T0K 0X0
Line Locates:  403-867-2858
Alternate Phone:  Use Alberta One Call
Wrentham Utilities Association
c/o County of Warner
Box 90, Warner AB  T0K 2L0