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Council Members

DivisionNameJob TitleAddressEmail
 Division 1David Cody Councillor
Box 626, Milk River, AB T0K 1M0
Phone: 403-647-6180
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 Division 2Ross Ford Councillor
Box 31, Coutts, AB T0K 0N0
Phone: 403-344-3053
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 Division 3Philip Jensen Deputy Reeve
Box 781, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0
Phone: 403-752-3412
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 Division 4Randy Taylor Reeve
General Delivery, New Dayton AB T0K 1P0
Phone: 403-360-6563
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 Division 5Shawn Rodgers Councillor
Box 115, Warner, AB T0K 2L0
Phone: 403-642-2041
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 Division 6Jack HeggieCouncillor
Box 1183, Raymond, AB T0K 1M0
Phone: 403-635-1512
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 Division 7Morgan Rockenbach Councillor
Box 118, Wrentham, AB T0K 2P0
Phone: 403-222-2409
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 Political Boundary Map

Councillor Committee Responsibilities
Councillors sit on various committees.  For a list of the committees and which Councillor is assigned to it, please see policy G-1 Committee Roles and Responsibilities in the Policy Handbook