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Water Resources

Water is an important resource that the County works to understand, manage, and protect in a variety of ways. As we are entering this summer with lower snowpack and reservoir levels compared to average, we encourage everyone to review their water usage and take steps to consciously consume water this summer. 

Check out the links below to learn more about the current status of Alberta’s rivers and lakes, or to view the water wells and water licenses in your area.

Alberta Rivers and Lakes

This mapping service allows you to view the rivers and lakes in Alberta with information on the current flow of rivers and water level in reservoirs.

Access the Alberta River Basins website

Alberta Water Licence Viewer

The Water Licence Viewer allows you to search and view; 1) Licence and registration documents held by Alberta Environment and Parks, and 2) Summaries of licenses and registrations that can be used to access documents.

Generally, this service allows you to search using the map function to identify the presence of existing water licences, and obtain documents pertaining to the owner of the licence and general stipulations of the licence.

Access the Alberta Water Licence Viewer

Alberta Water Well Viewer

The Alberta Water Well Viewer is an interactive online map which shows the locations of water wells and allows you to access the drilling reports of those wells. You can enter a legal land description, which allows you to view the wells within the surrounding area. 

Access the Alberta Water Well Viewer

Alberta Dam Safety Map

The Alberta Dam Safety Map is an interactive online map which shows the locations of dams along with information on their consequence classification. Dams in Alberta are built, maintained, operated and decommissioned in a safe manner aligned with provincial, national and international guidelines and best practices.

Access the Alberta Dam Safety Map