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For all Enforcement Concerns (including animal control)
Phone: 587-813-0791

Ridge Regional Public Safety Services (RRPSS) Community Peace Officer (CPO) List
Sgt CPO R. Bond
CPO T. Nelson
CPO M. Marek
CPO B. Fenz

A CPO is a person who works to uphold and enforce certain laws and regulations in Alberta.

CPOs are given limited powers and authority, under the current Alberta Peace Officer Act (May, 2007). They are not to be confused with Police Officers (who have a much wider range of authority) or Sheriffs and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers.

Currently, there are over 3000 CPOs in Alberta, working for some 284 different agencies, with Provincial Government offices being the largest employer. All levels of government, as well as organizations such as public health authorities and post-secondary institutions, may employ CPOs.

Community Peace Officers provide all Municipal Bylaw  Investigations along with Traffic Safety Education and Enforcement.

Level 1 Community Peace Officers may carry Enhanced Authorities (who are employed by RRPSS) in order to provide a better service to the community and/or a supplemental service to the police service of jurisdiction. Currently the local CPOs have the authority to act on Criminal Code warrants which gives them the ability to arrest and release, unless Judicial Interim Release hearing is required (this release is performed by the Police).

They currently have application in for approval to be able to act on these types of non-urgent community calls: Criminal Code authority for the offenses of ‘Theft not exceeding $5000’ and ‘Mischief not exceeding $5000’.

They provide the community policing levels that our elected councils have asked them to enforce and are always willing to evolve as the municipal policing priorities change.
Barking Dogs
If you are experiencing noise from barking dogs, and you wish for Peace Officers to address it, please fill out the form that can be submitted to the officers. The more detailed and documented information that you can provide will help address the issue.  Please download the form to your computer and you will be able to fill it out on your computer.

Animal Control
The County has a bylaw which regulates and controls animals within the County. If you have a concern about animals that fall under this bylaw, please contact the Community Peace Officers.

See the Animal Control Bylaw 925-16 in the bylaws section.

Unsightly Premises
The County has a bylaw concerning unsightly premises within the County. If you have a concern that a property may be considered unsightly, please contact the Community Peace Officers.
See the Unsightly Premises Bylaw 914-15 in the bylaws section.