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A region of opportunity is found in the County of Warner, with its northern boundary located just south east of Lethbridge, Alberta and its southern border located on the Canada/United States border. 

The County landscape provides a variety of visual experiences. Flatland to the rolling hills of the Milk River Ridge to the Hoodoos at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, from the recreation areas at Chin Lake and Ridge Reservoirs to the peaceful wetland at the Rush Lake Bird Sanctuary.

Most of the economy of the County is based on agriculture, both in dryland and irrigation production. In addition to crop-diversified agriculture production, the County has the potential and capability of supporting new recreational, tourism and industrial development. The County has the advantage of being located close to the large trading market in United States market as well as the City of Lethbridge to the north. These markets are served easily by Highway 4 which runs through the County from the U.S. Border at Coutts, Alberta towards the north.

The County of Warner extends an open invitation to anyone looking for a holiday destination point, a location to call home or a site to establish a business, to come and join us in a region of opportunity.

To promote and protect agricultural activities and the rural way of life.

The County of Warner is committed to providing municipal services through responsible governance in a process recognizing the diversity of our County providing an atmosphere that leads to the overall health and well-being of all those living and working in the County of Warner.

Regional Workforce Profile

MunicipalityTotal PopulationLabour Force SizeUnemployment RateData Source
County of Warner4,2901,3303.0Stats Canada
Town of Milk River8243259.2Stats Canada
Town of Raymond4,1991,7358.1Stats Canada
Village of Coutts2241500.0Stats Canada
Village of Stirling1,1645058.9Stats Canada
Village of Warner36413011.5Stats Canada
Cardston County4,8561,7004.4Stats Canada
Forty Mile County3,4711,3054.2Stats Canada
Lethbridge County10,1204,6804.6Stats Canada
MD of Taber7,0983,1754.5Stats Canada