Milk River Ridge Reservoir Water Quality Stewardship Initiative

The Milk River Ridge Reservoir Water Quality Stewardship Initiative (MRRRWQSI) is a multi-year collaborative initiative of the County of Warner, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) and the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA).

The MRRRWQSI initiative consists of 9 separate projects that are located around the Waterton-St. Mary Headworks inlet canal and along the shore lands of Milk River Ridge Reservoir. These projects are predominantly focused on provincial Crown land – known as the “provincial land corridor” that surrounds the reservoir.

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The stewardship initiative has as its overall aim the improvement of water quality through the restoration of impacted shore lands and riparian areas. Water quality declines in Ridge Reservoir in previous years are attributed in part to a degradation of the provincial land corridor which surrounds the Reservoir and the inlet canal. By returning ecological function to compromised corridor lands they will be able to serve as environmental buffers to intercept and slow runoff from the Milk River Ridge, and better anchor riparian areas and shore lands with desired vegetation communities. The stewardship initiative is overseen and managed by a Work Group whose activities are guided by a Terms of Reference.

The MRRRWQSI includes the following projects:

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Project Partners

Project Contributors and Sponsors

  • Alberta Environment and Parks
  • Calgary Pheasants Forever
  • David Bissett
  • Lethbridge Fish and Game Association
  • St. Mary River Irrigation District
  • Taber Irrigation District
  • Irrican Power
  • Lethbridge Pheasants Forever
  • Southern Alberta Bow Hunters
  • Magrath Rod and Gun Club
  • Raymond Irrigation District

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Links to the annual reports of the MRRRWQSI are included below;

2014 MRRRWQSI Annual Report

2015 MRRRWQSI Annual Report

2016 MRRRWQSI Annual Report

2017 MRRRWQSI Annual Report

2018 MRRRWQSI Annual Report

MRRRWQSI Historic Data Report for the County of Warner by Zaitlin GeoConsulting Ltd.

Additional Information

Bathymetry of the Milk River Ridge Reservoir - Alberta Sustainable Resource Development. 2003