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Fire Permits

When a total Fire Ban is in effect no permits will be issued.

The following is an excerpt from Fire Bylaw 920-15

900         Fire Permits

Fire Permits must be obtained from a fire guardian for the conducting of any open fires.  Anyone wishing to obtain a permit shall be required to obtain written permission, in advance, from the landowner before starting the fire.  The only exceptions are fires within a barrel fitted with a properly screened metal lid, an incinerator, approved recreational fire pits or other approved enclosed container.

All Fire Permits will be registered with the Emergency Communications Dispatch Centre at the time of issuance.

If a fire department attends a non-permitted open fire which has been deliberately set, the landowner may be charged for the expense incurred by the fire department for responding.

Where a non-permitted fire has been attended to by a County fire department, and where fees are charged to the landowner, the fees charged may be appealed by the landowner to Council.

Permits for the purchase or sale of "Low Hazard Fireworks” will not be available or issued within the County.

Permits for the discharge of "Low Hazard Fireworks” may be issued by a Fire Guardian to individuals or community organizations.  Such permits will be registered in the same manner as a Fire Permit.

Permits for the display of all "High Hazard Fireworks” in the County may be issued by a Fire Guardian  under the terms of the Alberta Fie Code and the Explosive Act of Canada, to an individual, business or organization who provides written proof they have:

  1. engaged the services of a Certified Fireworks Supervisor; and
  2. obtained a copy of a Certified Fireworks Supervisor’s authorization certificate; and
  3. obtained the written permission of the property owner of the location where the display will occur; and
  4. made a written undertaking that they will abide by, and are aware of, all the provisions of the Alberta Fire Code related to the display of Fireworks.
A Fire Guardian may choose to issue or not issue a Permit for the discharge of High Hazard Fireworks provided the requirements of No. 907 are met.  The Fire Guardian may attach any additional conditions they feel reasonable.

A permit for Low or High Hazard Fireworks or permission for special events may be revoked by the Fire Guardian for the area where the display or event will occur if, in the Fire Guardians opinion, the display or special event will create an unreasonable fire hazard due to changed conditions.

1000 Fire Bans

The Fire Committee, in consultation with the Fire Chiefs and the Director of Emergency Management may, by resolution, ban all open fires, including those in burning barrels and other enclosed containers, within all or part of the County when the potential for fire hazard conditions exists. Such a ban may be for a fixed period of time or on an ‘Until Further Notice’ basis and may contain conditions or exceptions.

Fire Bans will be broadcast in regional media outlets, updated on the Provincial Fire Ban website as well as placed on the County website.

Upon issuance of a Fire Ban all existing Fire Permits will be cancelled, no further Fire Permits will be issued and all holders of existing permits will be contacted to advise them they must immediately extinguish any fires.

Coutts Fire Department 

Mark Stanford: 406-335-2534 (H), 403-642-7599 (C), 403-344-4512(W)
Jan Johnson: 403-344-0008 (H), 403-642-7072 (C)
Masinasin Fire Department

Dave Erickson: 403-647-2289 (H), 403-642-7664 (C)
Byron Wehlage:  403-647-2340 (H) 403-421-0069 (C)
Milk River Fire Department

Mark Thompson: 403-647-2569 (H), 403-642-7901 (C)
Donald Cody: 403-647-7649(C), 403--647-3933 (W)

Raymond Fire Department

Doug Holt: 403-330-5549 (C)
Randy Olsen: 403-647-7649 (C)
Stirling Fire Department

Rob Fisher: 403-635-2057 (C)
Scott Foss: 403-380-9118 (C)
Warner Fire Department

Deven Owen: 403-393-5568 (C)

Wrentham Fire Department

David Nilsson: 403-635-7241 (C)
Kim Owen: 403-222-3979 (H)