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Fire Permits

The setting of Outdoor Fires, Structure Fires, or Incinerator Fires requires a permit issued by a Fire Guardian, unless stated otherwise. The full rules for fires and related permits, offences, and penalties can be found in the Fire Bylaw 983-22, in the Bylaw section of the website.

The Fire Committee or Council may ban all open fires, including those in burning barrels and other enclosed containers, within all or part of the County when the potential for fire hazard conditions exists. When a ban is put in place it will be broadcast in regional media outlets, updated on the County website, and posted on the Alberta Fire Ban website. 

Check out the Alberta Fire Bans website for all current fire ratings across the province.

See the table below for the levels of Fire Ban, with related Fire Permit requirements and activities.
For a permit, please contact the Fire Department in your Fire District. See below for the contacts and a map of the Fire Districts.

Fire DepartmentFire Chief/Deputy/Fire Guardians
Coutts Fire DepartmentJan Johnson

Mark Stanford
Masinasin Fire Department
Dave Erickson

Byron Wehlage
Milk River Fire DepartmentMark Thompson

Donald Cody

Raymond Fire Department
Doug Holt

Cory Powlesland
Stirling Fire DepartmentMarv Birky
Warner Fire Department
Deven Owen

Robert Lien
Wrentham Fire Department
David Nilsson

Kim Owen

For questions related to Fire Bylaw 983-22, please contact the County of Warner Administration office.