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Farmer Pesticide Course Training

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Presented by Jeff LePage of the County of Warner

The following video tutorials and course materials are provided for information use only, always read and follow the relevant legal  laws, acts, codes, practices, and governing legal requirements and documents before using pesticides. Always read and follow the pesticide label. 

The Government of Alberta offers the Farmer Pesticide Certificate course modules on their website which is available at the following link:

Access the Government of Alberta Farmer Pesticide Certificate Course Modules

To download a copy of the module presentations and supplemental information, please select the following links:

Farmer Pesticide Course Materials for Modules 1-7 

Exterior Rodent Control

Pest Control in Stored Grain

Please follow along with your course manual, View the video's by selecting the videos below;

Farmer Pesticide Course Module 1.

Farmer Pesticide Course Module 2.

Farmer Pesticide Course Module 3

Farmer Pesticide Couse Module 4

Farmer Pesticide Course Module 5

Farmer Pesticide Course Module 6

Farmer Pesticide Course Module 7

Farmer Pesticide Course - Pest Control in Stored Grain

Refer to the supplemental information: Farmer Pesticide Course - Pest Control in Stored Grain Supplemental Information

Exerpt from the 2009 Farmer Pesticide Certification Learning Activities CD

Produced by the Agricultural Policy Framework, A Federal-Provincial-Territorial Initiative

Distributed by the Government of Canada, Government of Alberta, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

This video is out of data and does not represent current practices, it is not to be relied upon for factual accurate information, use at your own risk.

Fumigation Video

Farmer Pesticide Course - Exterior Rodent Control